Who Can Apply

Applied Language Engineering requires multi-disciplinary skills, drawing from concepts of language, linguistics, computational modeling (including machine learning) and digital image processing. The courses will be equivalent to graduate level courses offered internationally, thus requiring undergraduate level preparation in requisite areas. Therefore, the course prerequisites will be a Four year Bachelor’s degree (or a 2 year Bachelor’s degree followed by a 2 year’s Master’s degree) in the following or related disciplines:

Electrical/Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Linguistics or Language Studies/Philology

Preference will be given to candidates if they meet one or more of the following criteria in addition:

1. Currently doing research and/or teaching in a relevant area and sponsored by the employing academic and/or research organization in the region
2. Currently enrolled in an MS/MPhil or a Doctoral program in a relevant area
3. Has at least partial funding from a sponsoring organization for the summer school